The Ultimate New Book Tracker for Notion: Organize Your Reading

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The Ultimate New Book Tracker for Notion: Organize Your Reading

Craft a mindful and productive reading experience with the New Book Tracker 2024 for Notion!

This innovative template goes beyond simply listing books. It empowers you to create a focused reading environment and track your progress in engaging, visual ways.

Here's what sets New Book Tracker 2024 apart:

  • Immerse Yourself: Set the mood with the integrated Lo-Fi Reading Playlist Sidebar. Choose your favorite background music to enhance your reading sessions.
  • Focus & Conquer: Utilize the built-in Pomodoro Timer widget to stay focused and achieve optimal reading productivity.
  • Effortless Access: Jump to key sections with the Quick Menu Link Section, ensuring a smooth reading workflow.

The Main Features: Your Beautiful Book Gallery

  • Visually Captivating: Each book entry showcases a Title, Author Name, Genre, Rating, and Reading Status, Reading Progress.
  • Track Your Progress: Monitor your reading journey with the Total Number of Pages and the Number of Pages Read.
  • Intuitive Progress Bar: Get a quick visual understanding of your progress with the Reading Progress Bar.
  • Unveiling the Journey: The Page Reading Chart View

This innovative feature creates a grid view based on the book's total pages. Each grid item represents a page.

  • Read Pages: Filled with a dot symbol for easy visualization.
  • Pages Yet to Conquer: Remain empty, giving you a clear picture of what's ahead.
  • Customization is Key: Choose your preferred color theme for the chart to match your style.

Building a Reading Habit - One Day at a Time

The Reading Habit Tracker section helps you build consistency.

  • Activity Chart: This grid view displays days of the week (Sun-Sat).
  • Mark Your Progress: Each day has a clickable checkbox. Mark days you complete your reading goal, filling the grid with a dot.
  • Stay Motivated: Gain a quick visual understanding of your reading habits and celebrate your progress over time.
  • Color Your World: Customize the theme color for the chart to personalize your experience.

Effortlessly Add New Books:

The Add New Book Quick Button simplifies adding new titles to your collection. Start tracking your next adventure with a dedicated default template within seconds.

Introducing Powerful Dashboard & Reports:

  • Book Tracker Dashboard: Stay organized with a dedicated board view displaying your books categorized by reading status (Not Started, Reading, Completed).
  • Reading Habit Dashboard: Visually analyze your reading habits with a gallery view showcasing an appealing activity chart. Gain a quick understanding of your reading consistency.
  • Reading Habit Report Page: Delve deeper into your reading journey with separate reports for this month, last 3 months, last 6 months, and last 12 months. Track your progress over time and celebrate your achievements.

Ready to transform your reading life?

The New Book Tracker 2024 is available now on Gumroad! Download your copy and elevate your reading experience.

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The Ultimate New Book Tracker for Notion: Organize Your Reading

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